Turkey block making machine, supplier to the African Continent

Features good quatliy, good service and best price, Beysanmak-VE block making machine is much better for small investors in the African Continent. Beysanmak-VE has exported many block making machine to Africa and got good reputation from the local customers,to especially block making machine up to now, has become one of the largest and best block making machiene supplier in African Market.

From manual block making machine to semi automatic block making machine to hydraulic electric block making machine to full computer controlled block making machine.

We also develop and commission a wide range of block making machine for African building industry for small investor.

The President of outh Africa Jacob Zuma said on February 9, 2012 that outh Africa government will invest huge amounts of money in infrastructure development in order to create more employment opportunities, to eliminate poverty.

If you are looking to purchase a brick making machine or block making machine, you have come to the right place. Our egg layers block making machine and stationary block making machine come standard with a mono-block mould. Extra moulds required for the block making machine can be purchased separately. Optional extras for our stationary block making machine can be purchased independently to that of machine for a more efficient production.

Our egg layers and stationary block making machine can allow for the interchanging of moulds to produce different type of products exactly to the needs of outh African Market.

Beysanmak-VE specialise in standard mould fabrication for block making machine, however custom moulds can be quoted on provided that a sample be present or drawings be handed to us.

hould you have any questions with regards to our block making machine equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us on our website www.beysanmak.com