BEY-SAN-MAK & PRESMAC the production as a result of an extremely rigorous studies are performed. Orders, customer-focused project aimed at full satisfaction section of the image is transferred to contractual arrangements. All materials used in the manufacture of products that you order the official contracts, commercial conditions, technical specifications and delivery dates to occur later with bad surprises are recorded. In addition, government support of our customers, credit or debit for purchases and leasing companies will promote the necessary projects within the scope of our company is prepared free of charge.

  • Expert facility set up by the project team for the design work, machinery and equipment to place concrete floor, electricity, water, compressed air system and so on. drawings of the project is to make the customer the infrastructure.
  • Plant, Brick and paving stone mold with machine production models will begin upon the approval of the customer into technical drawings.
  • The manufacturing process; welded fabrication, machining, painting and automation system consists of four basic parts.
  • Production was completed and ready for dispatch briquette machine from the concrete flooring and free installation and tests are carried out by our experienced team of our customers sites, operator training and certificates are given to staff to work. Commissioning the plant after the warranty period starts.

   All electric products, engines and parts worn are outside the 2 year warranty. BEY-SAN-MAK & PRESMAC overseas domestic intervenes Maximum 48 hours with 72, based on the route infrastructure the technical team can intervene in range of 120 hours. In addition, free technical support hotline 0800 371 00 04 reach us 24 hours a day.


   Products are made according to CE norms. The best way to protect worker safety barriers for the safety of the employees is applied. Damping devices are used to minimize noise pollution. The entire system is under security with emergency stop button.

  • 2-year mechanical parts warranty
  • Full-time production
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Confidence
  • Quick service and spare parts guarantee
  • 7/24 accessibility
  • DIN, ISO, CE, components used according to the norms of TSEK
  • Easy use program selection
  • Auto / Manual Stop option, waiting, and to continue from the point where you where
  • At the end of training authorization certificate will be given
  • Error correction via Internet option

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